May 28, 2014: One down, one to go for Blackwood…

At last it seems we have arrived at a common-sense position on the BMO, and it’s strengthening of our property rights. It’s a pity, though, that we need to expend so much time and energy dragging our politicians and bureaucrats there.

Much credit goes to Kate Cotter and her BMO Victims group, her campaign should serve as a model to anyone fighting for a fair go.

Here in Blackwood, it’s a case of “one down, one to go”, with the Minister for Water, Peter Walsh, in our sights. He needs to tell the water authorities to back off (after their 10 years of stonewalling) and leave us to build on our legally-acquired home-sites.

Planning Minister, Matthew Guy, called his changes today “ fair and responsible”. Minister, that’s all we ask from you and Mr. Walsh.

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