Welcome to a very different issue of the Blackwood Times. When we started thinking about this issue the corona virus was a mere squeak in the media. We discussed what to do, whether to publish & even whether to print. We committed to preparing the issue with the content we had & our regular contributors & waiting to make print decisions when it was proofed & ready to go.

Since then we have seen empty food aisles, few visitors, early school holidays & all our favorite Easter events cancelled. Our thanks go to Lisa Moore, big haired Kate, Sue Donnelly & Kathy Berrill for their help in getting content together for us.

WILL YOU JOIN OUR TEAM? No matter what your skills & time limitations are please reach out – the more the merrier I say!Please email team(@theblackwoodtimes.com.au & Lisa will be in touch.

Terri is still doing the Times invoicing but she has a lot on her plate as progress vice-president so we would love to find someone who would like to take on this role.

When this crisis is over Brendan & I will continue to assist the new team to find their feet, but only in an advisory capacity, they hope the final hand-over to the community will be completed by the end of the year.

~ Jinny Coyle (acting co-ordinator)


P2: Blackwood Together Volunteer Group
P3: Gig & Events (thanks Sue Donnelly)
P4: “Blithering Heights” a story
P6-7: Community Groups album & Updates
P10: Cheap & Cheerful Blackwoodian favourites
& our favorite Pet Gurus through-out the issue in memory of

Of course all our wonderful contributors articles are scattered through-out the issue.

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