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New team editorial:

First of all, a big thank you to Brendan and Jinny for running such a great publication over the past years. The Blackwood Times has been an integral part of the web that has helped hold together our small town, chronicling the changes, ups and downs, comings and goings.

Their efforts have been selfless and often overlooked.

They have left us, the new Blackwood Times’ team, with big shoes to fill and a important task at hand: take the pulse of our little town and be the voice of the community.

Blackwood might have a reputation for being cold but, in winter, we embrace the chill – think cosy open fires at the Blackwood Pub, wholesome food from Jindarup, steaming hot chocolates & soulwarming red wine at the Merchant, and rugging up in winter woollies & jumping in puddles down at the Springs.

And what a winter it has been so far: Blackwood saw the Fungi forage walk bringing a huge amount of information about our own backyard, there was a kangaroo rescue by Badgar that made it to Channel 9, more power outages that got all of us being creative on how to organise a decent dinner without electricity, and more music and gigs than you can dream of.

Sure, Blackwood might be a little chilly but as always you’ll get a warm welcome when you’re here.

~ Blackwood Times’ team

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