The CERT team is about to finish off there collation of AEDs around the Blackwood District and publicise them for all the community to be informed of the whereabouts of AED availability and access.

The 2 main 24 hour AEDs are on the attached map and we have placed laminated maps in prominent spots around the town.

  1. There are other AEDs within the town that people can use in an emergency but with limited access.
  2. Blackwood Hotel (open hours only)
  3. Blackwood Sports ground Pavilion (when a function in held and the kitchen is accessible)
  4. Blackwood Hall (locked in Senior Citizens cupboard)
  5. Trentham Police Station – 24 hour access
  6. Greendale Hotel (open hours only)

Over the past 8 months Blackwood CERT has held several events for community members to become familiar with an AED machine and and learn that its effective usage could enhance an positive outcome should someone in the community suffer a cardiac arrest. We plan to hold another awareness day later in the year. In the meantime the CERT team welcomes individuals who wish to learn or refresh CPR and AED to contact CERT.

For local accommodation businesses like B&Bs and public event holders we suggest you might download the AED Map to add to your visitor information folders.