Thank you to those who attended the council meeting today to hear the response to BAG’s questions. Unfortunately, a late change to the scheduling of Councils response meant that many of you missed out on that important part of the meeting.

We attempted to let as many people know as possible for the change to a 3.15pm meeting but there just wasn’t time to do this very effectively. Our apologies to any one who was put out.

Look out for the next issue of Blackwood Times for a full article but in the meantime you can download the councils draft response here. Over the coming week, look out for a brief account of the meeting on facebook & the action group section of this site. While you’re on the site, if you’re not on the action group eList, be sure to sign up for any Blackwood Action updates.

Facebook is great to get last minute notifications & info so if you are there, be sure to like us. In the meantime you can download a scanned copy of the MSC response (609kb .pdf)