Final issue from Brendan & Jinny

Hello & good-bye,

A dozen years ago I took on the publication of the Blackwood Newsletter from Robina Brown when she had to hand it on for family reasons.
This, my final Editor’s Thoughts, is bitter sweet. Well not so much bitter as sad. Sad to see the end of our era publishing Blackwood News (which later became The Blackwood Times).

Every 2 months for the past decade or so, Brendan & I have holed up in our office, sweating over whether we would have enough content to produce an enticing issue that the community would enjoy – what articles should we cover & were there any issues we should raise.
I would be tied to my laptop, tapping away, moving ads, articles, stories & photos around like a jigsaw puzzle while Brendan raced around looking for photos & stories – many of you will have been tracked down by him because he had been tipped off that you would know about … whatever.

For a decade we have had so many wonderful businesses supporting us with their advertising, many have also shared their knowledge & skills through regular articles. Thank you.

For a decade we have had members of the community support us by writing articles & taking photos for the paper. Thank you.

For a decade the community has eagerly awaited the delivery of the next issue. Thank you.

To each & everyone of you who have supported us in publishing a decade+ of news, stories, memories & history. Thank-you.

Then there is the sweet … a well-loved publication we can hand on to the care of the community.

The weekends we’ll now enjoy with family & friends instead of being locked away in the office. The hobbies we can now pursue. New opportunities & travel, ah yes, travel!

All this said, I’m happy to say we are leaving our baby in good hands. Read about the future plans on p3.

~ Jinny Coyle (editor)

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