The Blackwood Times is a community newspaper run by volunteers. It connects the community of Blackwood & its immediate surrounds by dispersing information, news & items of general interest.

It aims to foster understanding as the demographics of the area change, as well as provide a platform for locals to showcase their creative skills & voice opinion.

The Blackwood Times is a bi-monthly community service published by The Blackwood Times VIC Inc.  Publication costs are met through the support of advertisers & donations.

Your advertising investment will ensure that your business will be seen by residents and visitors to Blackwood, Trentham, Greendale with a print run of 600 copies and nationally as we have an average download of 4k per issue from our website

Your investment can be as small or as large as you would like as we cover various sizing and pricing options which are outlined below.




cm x col


artwork size (w x h)

B&W Hardcopy, COL Digital @ $2.70 per col cm Colour Hardcopy (backpage only)
A (trade) 5cm x 1col = 5cm 45mm x 50mm $13.50
B (bus card) 5cm x 2col = 10cm 95mm x 50mm $27.00
C 16cm x 2col = 32cm 95mm x 160mm $86.40
D (1/2 page) 27cm x 2col = 54cm 95mm x 270mm $145.80
E 10cm x 2col = 20cm 95mm x 105mm $54.00
F 16cm x 4col = 64cm 195mm x 160mm $172.80
G 5cm x 4col = 20cm 195mm x 50mm $54.00
H 10cm x 4col = 40cm 195mm x 105mm $108.00
I (full page) 27cm x 4col = 108cm 195mm x 270mm $400.00

By advertising in the Blackwood Times you are not only promoting your business but you are also supporting a valuable community asset.  If you would like to discuss this further please contact us by email, team(@)

• the complete 2022-23 advertising rates sheet & Booking Form 5 pages (.pdf 1.4mb)