“Blackwood has been identified for inclusion in Moorabool Shire Council’s Township Improvement Plan program. This program provides an opportunity for small towns across the Shire to receive streetscape improvements and for locals to contribute their ideas and priorities for these enhancements.

Consultation Phase 2 (current status):

Moorabool Shire Council is planning a Blackwood Township upgrade as part of the Open Space 2021-22 Capital Works Program. The objectives of the upgrade are in keeping with the recommendations in the Blackwood Township Improvement Plan initial consultation. The draft Township Improvement Plan is now available for public exhibition and community feedback.

Please use the survey tool to provide your feedback.

This consultation closes on Sunday 9 January 2021″ “

~ https://haveyoursay.moorabool.vic.gov.au/blackwood-tip-2

The Blackwood Times has printed and laminated these draft Town Improvement plans from the council for public display, as we found the online versions hard to find and the high detail difficult to make out on most computer screens. They can be viewed on noticeboards in the town centre.

The town has been invited to provide feedback at “Have Your Say” on the Shire’s portal (deadline January 9). Unfortunately, the link to the survey is broken and the council offices are closed until January 4.
So please have a look at these draft plans. You can also revisit the “community submission” at  https://bit.ly/BTIP-2021. This was produced by Blackwood Progress following extensive consultation, including a town garden party where comments were collected & documented.
You can email your feedback to info@moorabool.vic.gov.au. When doing so, you might want to request that the deadline for submissions be extended.
We will also be requesting on-the-ground public consultation on this most important project.