Wishing all our readers a fant-abulous silly season

Hello Blackwoodians,

We are well & truly into the silly season as this issue comes out.

Yes, it is very, very late but the team made an executive decision to publish late for the first time in its 14 year publication. Some of the core team were not available last weekend for personal reasons. This should have been when we would have set the 2-3 days aside to put this issue together. Although this is the first time we’ve ever published late, as we move into COVID normal I can see that team availability could potentially become an issue. I am asking (read this as begging?) that anyone in the community who would like to be a part of the Blackwood Times team, please put your hand up now. No specific skills are required & time commitment is flexible. That said, I would love to find someone who would like to learn about desktop publishing who can take on my role.

On to this issue. After almost 2 years of lockdown I was excited to put the gig guide together. It is so fabulous that we can finally get together as a community again. In the spread on p4-5 we have photos of the Christmas gathering at the oval last weekend. And on the facing page is the program for the re-dedication of the the Uniting Church – which is re-named as St Matins Chapel.

The Blackwood Times team wished every single one of you a marvelously silly season & a year to remember in 2022.

~ Jinny Coyle, Co-ordinator

Did you know that every issue of The Blackwood Times is in the National edeposit (NED) library, which is a collaboration between Australia’s 9 national, state & territory libraries, responding to the major challenge of capturing & preserving the digital documentary history of Australia for the future. We also have copies of most issues, so if you want a backcopy these are available by donation.

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The team is excited at the prospect of moving into the office at the hall. Recently Jinny worked to get 3 iMacs of differing ages (2 donated & 1 purchased) to play with each other nicely. This included purchasing software, project management tools like one-note & dropbox as well as configuring each computer for purpose. Now that everything is set up & ready, we’ll be good to go next issue.

The landline number has now been cut off. We have a new phone number – 0491 061 717. We got a great deal with BetterLife.com.au who even gave us our first 3 months free. They have been a great company to work with – you speak to real people on the phone, I highly recommend them.

We’ve also been working on our incorporation as well. We are currently working on our mission statement – can you write 2 – 4 sentences of what you think the mission of the Blackwood TImes is? Please call Jinny on 0491 061 717 if you would like to have input in the incorporation process,. Or, even better, if you would like to join the team. We hope to announce our incorporation in our next issue.

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  • Caravan Park


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  • Chaplins

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