Here we are again Blackwood,

Oh my, what a couple of months we’ve had!
Early June saw our wee village in the midst of what has been called a Cool Climate Cyclone. We woke up to trees down in driveways & across roads, blocking our passage in & out of town & no power or communication.
It wasn’t long before Blackwoodians got together to organise daily meetings. Many, many photos show the resilience of the town amongst the chaos, we have only had space to include a handful. You can view a couple of videos of the street party at & (Thanks Peter).
For days the roar of chainsaws rang through the hills. Our ever-present birds disappeared & our wildlife seemed confused.
I know I speak for many Blackwoodians in thanking all those in our community who have banded together to help whoever & however they can. You know who you are! Thank-you.
Our recovery will be slow & long but it is great to know that we are not being forgotten by emergency managment services, some of whom I met at the pop-up recovery hub at the hall (p13) as a beautiful pair of wedge tail eagles circled overhead.
Finally, I want to thank Lisa Moore for her time working with the Times. We are really sorry to loose you but I know you will be marvellous attribute to Crown Reserves.

~ Jinny Coyle, Co-ordinator

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The team was excited at the prospect of moving into the office at the hall. During the weeks leading up to the deadlines Jinny worked to get 3 iMacs of differing ages (2 donated & 1 purchased) to play with each other nicely. This included purchasing software, project management tools like one-note & dropbox as well as configuring each computer for purpose. Only to be prevented from moving again to LOCK-DOWN! Ah well, let’s hope that, now that everything is set up & ready, we’ll be good to go next issue.

We also have a new phone number – 0491 061 717. We got a great deal with who has even given us our first 3 months free. They have been a great company to work with – you speak to real people on the phone, I highly recommend them. The landline number will be cut off in the next few days.

We’ve also been working on our incorporation as well. We are currently working on our mission statement – can you write 2 – 4 sentences of what you think the mission of the Blackwood TImes is? Please call Jinny on 0491 061 717 if you would like to have input in the incorporation process,. Or, even better, if you would like to join the team.We hope to announce our incorporation in our next issue.

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