Welcome, welcome to 2021!

What a pleasure it’s been to put this issue together with so many photos of Blackwood rising from lockdown & getting back to what it is good at – looking after our community & having fun!

2020 was a difficult time for the Times as we were in the very early stages of transitioning to a community owned & produced paper when COVID hit. This meant we could not do in-person training & there was no point in getting the equipment we needed to complete the hand over.

I want to thank a few people from the bottom of my heart for seeing the Times through 2020 – Lisa Moore who has taken on the task of organising email submissions for us, Kath Berrill who has been incredibly patient learning the desktop publishing side of things (especially when I get very bad tempered when things don’t go right). Also Terri Simson who took on the role of organising our finances & an invoicing system to hand over to Fiona Ross who is taking on the advertising, invoicing & money side of things. All this has been very chaotic with little in-person contact while still getting the paper out every 2 months. Thank you.

With things getting back to normal again, we would love to be in the hall office when it comes time to put together the April/May issue but we still need to apply for a grant. We are seeking someone who has a few hours to spare who can help put all the bits & pieces we have collected into a logical application. See p12.

~ Jinny Coyle, Communications co-ordinator

Download the FebruaryMarch 2021 issue of the Blackwood Times (.pdf 5.3mb)


No matter what your skills & time limitations are please reach out – the more the merrier I say! Please email team(@theblackwoodtimes.com.au & Lisa will be in touch.

Fiona is taking on the Times invoicing & financial work which is incredibly valuable especially as we prepare to apply for grants.

We’d love to find some one who gets about a bit who can do the distribution – this is a fortnightly run to Trentham to top up after the issue has been distributed to all our outlets. Please email editor@theblackwoodtimes.com.au if you can take this on.

When this crisis is over Brendan & I will continue to assist the new team to find their feet, but only in an advisory capacity, they hope the final hand-over to the community will be completed by the end of the year.

~ Jinny Coyle (acting co-ordinator)

Of course all our wonderful contributors articles are scattered through-out the issue.

Download the February March 2021 issue of the Blackwood Times (.pdf 5.3mb)

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Download the February March 2021 issue of the Blackwood Times (.pdf 5.3mb)