Welcome to another issue of the Blackwood Times. Spring is here and Blackwood is starting to dry up. We are beginning to see more activity in our little main street, not to mention the current flurry of activity at the Post Office as renovations have moved up a gear and are well under way! We have also seen a few new members join our community, so make sure to say hi to the new faces around town.
It was great to see all the fun that was had at the bush dance. Unfortunately I missed out on tickets this year as it was a sell-out event. Next year I’ll be booking early!
In this issue I’m pleased to see a good number of history articles about Blackwood and surrounding areas. We have a rich history! Now, with warmer days, it’s a good time to get outside and do some exploring.
Having said that, as the surrounding bush is drying, we all need to pay attention to the weather and have our emergency plans ready. Karl, from the Blackwood Fire Brigade, has provided a wealth of
information regarding preparedness for the fire season. If able, come along to the Emergency Plan expo on the 21st October (see page 14).
This one kept me really busy, I did multiple pop-in’s, visits and friendly reminders to send in the content and we also had special help from Sophie from Barrys Reef step in and complete the amazing design and packaging of this issue, we couldn’t have done it without you, so an extra special thanks!
As always we love hearing from you, and this month we have a special letter sent in from Dresden 11, who has received our new monthly
$10 post Office lolly voucher. If that’s not a reason to convince your kids to get writing, then I don’t know what is! Take care and enjoy the issue.

~ Paul Kukiel, Editor for this issue


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