Welcome to spring!

There have been loads of AGM’s over the past month or so & a few more are in October, including your CERT team. Yep, here it comes, I know, you saw it coming …. I’m about to do a great big, enormous, plug to call out for anyone who would like to contribute to our local CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) by taking a seat on the committee. I know, as editor, I’m meant to be objective but this is a service that is very close to my heart, so close that I’ve been president for the past 2 years! I’m thinking the next year is going to be incredibly exciting for us & we’re going to need a strong, committed committee to pull it off. Call me, drop in, shoot me an email if you think you’d like to be a part of this incredible community service.

On page 12 we have a brief article introducing the Moorabool Business Operators Networking Forum facilitated by our shire’s Economic Development department. With all the renovation work going on in Blackwood, forcing closures of businesses over the past month or so, It is a real worry to watch the number of visitors who come into town & leave immediately having not seen anything to do. In the 80’s we were heavily involved in tourism. Many of you will remember our shop “Strike Me Lucky Gifts” & accommodation agency “Blackwood Retreats”. I understand that once you lose visitors it is extremely expensive to get them back &, like it or not, our town’s survival feeds on our visitors.

Over many years BAG fought for our building future so now, we as a community, must fight for our economic future. Let’s call the council & ask them what they are doing to help Blackwood survive through this difficult period. (see p17)

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