My oh my, what a wacky year & a half we’ve had!

Bushfires, COVID, lockdowns, cool climate cyclone & finally an earthquake! All-in-all it could be the making of a really bad movie!
The great news is that, after a really horrid winter, spring has sprung. Hopefully by the next issue, lockdowns will be a thing of the past & it will be easy to fill the issue with lots of happy events, photos & the best of fun that we Blackwoodians remember.
We have a lot of new Blackwoodians so we thought if would be fun to include articles from the Blackwood Newsletter, which was first published in 1992 by Robina Brown. With the new cricket season about to begin we have chosen Mick Healey’s story about the history of the club post WWII on p10. Please remember to send us your stories & photos. The Blackwood Times is your paper. If we don’t get submissions there is nothing to print & The Times will become a distant memory.
On page 7 Margaret shares what she loves about Blackwood & on p3 Jeanne has compiled some of the community’s experience of the recent earthquake. Thank you both for responding to our last minute call-out for articles when we had pretty well nothing to print at deadline time.
What can you pull together for the December/January issue? I’m sure you can think of something. Well I hope so!

~ Jinny Coyle, Co-ordinator

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The team is excited at the prospect of moving into the office at the hall. Recently Jinny worked to get 3 iMacs of differing ages (2 donated & 1 purchased) to play with each other nicely. This included purchasing software, project management tools like one-note & dropbox as well as configuring each computer for purpose. Now that everything is set up & ready, we’ll be good to go next issue.

The landline number has now been cut off. We have a new phone number – 0491 061 717. We got a great deal with who even gave us our first 3 months free. They have been a great company to work with – you speak to real people on the phone, I highly recommend them.

We’ve also been working on our incorporation as well. We are currently working on our mission statement – can you write 2 – 4 sentences of what you think the mission of the Blackwood TImes is? Please call Jinny on 0491 061 717 if you would like to have input in the incorporation process,. Or, even better, if you would like to join the team.We hope to announce our incorporation in our next issue.

Download the October November 2021 issue of the Blackwood Times (.pdf 3.9mb) or Pick up a hard copy from any of our usual venues, we will get them distributed as soon as we can.


  • Jindarup PO (there now)
  • Blackwood Hotel
  • Garden of St Erth cafe
  • Caravan Park


  • Petrol & Stuff
  • Red Beard
  • Chaplins

& Radio Springs Hotel

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Download the October November 2021 issue of the Blackwood Times (.pdf 3.9mb)