New team for the Blackwood TImes

3 decades ago Blackwoodian Robina Brown & I, a newbie in town, chatted on the roadside with our youngsters in tow.
Robina voiced concerns that it was difficult to find out what was happening in town & I wanted to find activities, especially bush, for my young twins. Just 2 months later Robina distributed the 1st (hand typed) Blackwood Newsletter & I began promoting the 1st Blackwood School Holiday program.
Very many years later our children were grown & I inherited the paper from Robina. I re-named & re-formatted it to its current lay-out. Brendan came on board & after a few years we re-named Blackwood News to The Blackwood Times – given that, as a bi-monthly publication, it was more a living document than news. For those who are interested in the recent history of Blackwood – our archives are a wonderful resource for you to access online. I encourage you to check it out. Of course, you will also find the Historical Society’s early history articles. The current website has every issue of the News & Times available to download.
Moving forward, after 15 years Brendan (aka Jimmy Olsen) & I are delighted to hand the future of the Times to a wonderful new, diverse & energetic team who will take up the reins of the Times. This is the last issue we will produce – from the JunJul ‘22 issue the team will take over the production of The Blackwood Times, with our support, until the end of 2022. After that – who knows where they (& you) will decide to take the paper?
I know you will support our team as you have supported us. I thank every single person who has supported us & wish the very best for the new team. I just know I will screw up if I try to name everyone so, to all our regular contributors, helpers, supporters – I offer a heart-felt thank-you to each & every one of you. Bye now …

~ Jinny Coyle, Co-ordinator

Download the April May2022 issue of the Blackwood Times (.pdf 3.9mb)

Did you know that every issue of The Blackwood Times is in the National edeposit (NED) library, which is a collaboration between Australia’s 9 national, state & territory libraries, responding to the major challenge of capturing & preserving the digital documentary history of Australia for the future. We also have copies of most issues, so if you want a backcopy these are available by donation.

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The landline number has now been cut off. We have a new phone number – 0491 061 717. We got a great deal with who even gave us our first 3 months free. They have been a great company to work with – you speak to real people on the phone, I highly recommend them.

Download the April May2022 issue of the Blackwood Times (.pdf 3.9mb) or next week Pick up a hard copy from any of our usual venues, we will get them distributed as soon as we can.


  • Jindarup PO (there now)
  • Blackwood Hotel
  • Garden of St Erth cafe
  • Caravan Park


  • Petrol & Stuff
  • Red Beard
  • Chaplin’s

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Download the February March 2022 issue of the Blackwood Times (.pdf 3.9mb)